How? weaponattachpoint ShooterGame

Hey guys,
Can someone explain to me how the weaponattachpoints/sockets work in ue4 with c++
I am looking at the ShooterGame example, and there I found a socket in the players character mesh Skeleton called weaponpoint, which i am assuming is the socket used as the weapon attach point.

In the code I found the following 2 blocks
Declaration of an FName that I assume will store the socket somehow.

UPROPERTY(EditDefaultsOnly, Category=Inventory)
FName WeaponAttachPoint;

And this fuction that returns it.

FName AShooterCharacter::GetWeaponAttachPoint() const
	return WeaponAttachPoint;

But nowhere in code or engine, bp or skeleton can I find how that skeleton socket called WeaponPoint gets linked with the variable called WeaponAttachPoint.
What am I missing here?

check your blueprint again fool, you will find it under inventory in the playerpawn