How was Unreal Engine 4 made?

So, how was Unreal Engine 4 made? I mean, like, if they used an IDE, text editor, if so, which? I’m just kind of curious.

Probably they used Visual Studio 2013 to build it.

Blood magic

  1. Open Visual Studio
  2. Press “New Project -> Win32 -> C++”
  3. Start typing

They started out with Unreal, the game, in … 1996? It shipped in 1998.
I would guess they used Visual Studio 5 to start with; upgrading to MSDEV98 (Visual Studio 6) when it became available, and then kept up to date more or less since then.
Only some real old timer EPIC insider like @TimSweeneyEpic could answer exactly, though.

LoL sure it was true but hahahaha

I heard it was made entirely in notepad.

I see what you did there.

Anyway … I’ve heard that UE is most likely a module of a futuristic quantum computed instruction set from the toolkit “real engine” which did sent itself into the past in order to fulfil it’s future goals (enslavement etc.) more efficient.

Since you can edit the code, i believe with c++, c# and visual studio.

It’s a byproduct from the love between two programmers :slight_smile: