How was the Infiltrator Demo animated?

I want to make a very advanced animation, but I’m curious what software was used to animate the characters and objects in the Infiltrator demo. Many people suggested that it was animated in Maya or Blender, but I’m curious exactly what Epic Games used. I’m familiar with the sequencer (to some degree) in Unreal, but I can’t do anything past simple keyframing.

From what I’ve seen over the past few years Epic uses Maya, never seen them use blender and I rarely see 3dsmax. But there was a lot motion capture involved in the creation of infiltrator, you can tell by looking at animation assets if you download the demo, A.R.T may have been used for character rigging and animation. Within the engine it was probably created in matinee, long before sequencer was added to the engine, that’s how it appears in the demo.

In terms of animation for Infiltrator while it looked really good I don’t think they really brought anything new or significantly different to the table, that’s probably the reason why they never posted animation break down videos even though they posted a bunch of character and effects breakdowns.

i remember a live training stream where they were talking about blender and the guy from epic said that there was only about 3 people at epic that used blender at the time.