How was supposed to the ''Look At'' node to work?

Since the archived forums are still down, im having troubles to remember how did the ‘‘Look At’’ node worked.I just placed a camera in the Target and a interpactor in the Focus hoping that the camera will aim at it in a event, but its not working.I know about the matinee method with looking at groups and stuff but im not interested in that method at the moment.

Look At

This action makes the target camera look at a specified actor. You can also set the FOV and interpolation speed.

  • Properties

  • Affect Camera - If checked, the camera will be focused on the Focus object.

  • Affect Head - If checked, the Target’s head will be focused on the Focus object.

  • Always Focus - If checked, focus no matter where the Focus object is located. Otherwise, only focus if the Focus object is roughly in view.

  • Camera FOV - Sets the FOV to set the camera’s FOV to.

  • Check Line Of Sight - if checked, the camera must have line of sight to the focus object before any focusing will be performed.

  • Disable Input - If checked, input will be disabled for the duration of the focus event.

  • Focus Bone Name - Sets the name of a bone on the Focus object to focus on, if desired.

  • Ignore Trace - If checked, world tracing will be ignored when attempting to find a good spot for the camera.

  • In Focus FOV - Sets how tight the focus should be on the Focus object.

  • Interp Speed Range - Sets the speed range of the interpolation to focus the camera.

  • Leave Camera Rotation - If checked, the camera will be left focused on the Focus object.

  • Rotate Player With Camera - If checked, the camera rotating to focus on the object will affect the player’s rotation.

  • Text Display - Sets the text to display while the camera is focused on the Focus object, if desired.

  • Toggle God mode - If checked, god mode will be enabled while the camera is focused on the Focus object.

  • Total Time - Sets the total amount of time for the focus event.

  • Turn In Place - If checked, the camera will turn in place. Otherwise, it will move as necessary to focus on the Focus object.

  • Output Links

  • Out - Simple pass-through output that fires when the In input is activated.

  • Finished - Fires when the focus event has completed.

  • Succeeded - Fires if the focus event happens successfully.

  • Failed - Fires if the focus event fails. For example, if Check Line Of Sight is checked and the trace fails.

  • Variable Links

  • Target - Sets the targeted player.

  • Focus - Sets the object on which to focus.

I know, but by default i still get the ‘’ no handler’’ message and the node isn’t dong anything.

Looks like the node doesn’t work sadly.Will have to use the’’ look at group name’’ in matinee.Is it possible to have that look at object in matinee be blended or with some smooth transition?Right now it just jumps the camera focus to a selected object in a instant without any animation.

I was having a few objects that i shoot with a mouse cursor and wanted when im shooting at the object to have the camera rotate slightly on the selected obect and look at it(lock on) and after i shoot a other random object have the camera rotate till it looks at it.