How was it to start a server UDK In console commands

So that’'s the question how was it to start a server with a console command i know it’s open and somethign more but dont remember what exacly.

To host, just add the following params to a shortcut target:

..\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe server mymap.udk

Then clients join with:

open <server_ip>

Thaqnks cold scooter but what about a listen one = ?

UDK.exe server MyMap.udk?listen=true?bIsLanMatch=true

Is there a way to launch a listen server while already in the game (like in the in-game option menu)? IE, from a console command…?

I couldn’t find a way. some time ago I tried it and all my efforts failed unless I launched the game with ?listen
curious if someone finds a way

sad, im sure there’s a way.

I’m using UDK Feb 2013 build and forgo command line altogether (to avoid silent fail on firewall / build ver mismatch).
I just click-on the default installed game shortcut: C:…\UDK$MyGame$\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe -seekfreeloading

Then from the Main menu choose Host game, and from a second machine choose Join etc…
That creates a Listen server / Client combo automatically on a LAN, without any more steps.

But maybe you need to know if you’re in SP Instant Action how to launch a Listen Server???

open “mapname” Listen?

wasnt it? or something like that

I got it! it was pretty easy i used something like ConsoleCommand(“Open VillageArena?Listen”);
it’s the same as unreal engine 4.