How useful are FMOD and Wwise?

Hey there all

I’m an Audio Engineer and I’m working on a couple of projects at the moment. The developer and myself for one of these are discussing the uses of the FMOD and Wwise plug ins and, although I have in the past found a couple of tutorials showcasing their amazing capabilities, we are wondering just how useful they are.

So here’s my exact situation: my role is to do pretty much everything up to and including making the sound cues and keeping my dirty sound guy hands off of the coding. Having played around with UE4 a lot, there has been very little I have encountered that can’t be implemented using Blueprints (although the team is using C++).

So what I’m really asking is this; as a sound guy, is there any reason for me to not use FMOD and Wwise and keep my greasy mitts out of the fray? Or, to look from the opposite perspective, as someone who understands UE4 and its many powers, are there enough reasons for me to use these middlewares? Will I just be getting it for the one or two capabilities it has that UE doesn’t?

I’d greatly appreciate a lot of response to this to really get a feel for the general consensus.