How use the terrain or map from ark or from a modder ??

the question is
How use the terrain or map from ark or from a modder ??
I want to edit the map map terarin but how to import the map inside ark dev kit ??

If you have the ADK then you already have the map from ark, simply copy that folder into a new folder inside mods and edit away

where i can find it ??
Because my lapi is not the best and when i choose the false map it need to long for loading
And question why when i use a map or mod map it only dark i cant see the models ??

False map? The map you have in the ADK is the main map used in ARK, And the first time will take roughly an hour or so on a good pc, more if you have a bad one

wheer i can find the right map ??
You now under maps there are to maps SmallIslandSubMaps and TheIslandSubMaps

Theislandsubmaps is the full Ark map

hi thx but whenn i load it it see not like the normal ark map ??
There are no rocks and no 3d models ?
And the maps when i loading the first map it complete dark cant see the rocks …
And when i put a point light the world is always dark also light not working :frowning:9f3d191846100a2b678459201ef85129c6e3eac4.png

You need to load TheIsland, not A3_Near_WIP

thx you but look there is no 3d models inside :frowning: or how to on that they show also all trees and rocks … b2281e0196c26e990d6902e0df737fcb6d749fe6.jpeg

Please show us in the scene outliner within your ADK the “Landscape” entry. Is there a landscape entry? If not, you deleted it accidentally (in the scene outliner).

That is why you can’t see the landscape.

Hi Rayleigh,

in the window menu (top left), select ‘Levels’.

Be sure to load every sub levels of the current level :slight_smile:

thx you :slight_smile: it works now :slight_smile:
Question how to make it that i select only one rock or grass or 3d model in the scene ??
Because when i select one example rock it select all the group rocks and trees together but i want only to change one of the 3d models ??

Nice its verrry laggy and the ram is 100% crazy i have 10gb ram i think i need more than 128 gb ??