How use get player charecter in custom players?

if you make a project like a first person one you can do get player charector but if i make a custom one or even just take the bp from it to another project it dosent work how can i make this work in a custom player ?

“it does not work” is not very precise.

So, random guess:

you try to use the “get player pawn” or “get player controller” node and it is not of the type you expect. Append an “cast to X” node to transform the type.

there is noting i can say is just dosent work it dosent give an error or anything just noting how can i make get charecter or pawn to a custom charcter i made

There are three specific objects that are used to define a player: Controller, Pawn, State.

A player has a player controller which you can get with the node: GetPlayerController

A player’s representation in the game is of type Pawn, such as a Character (which extends from pawn), you get the pawn by using the node: GetPlayerController->GetControlledPawn

A player’s various gameplay related elements, like their steamID or name is available in a player state, you get access to it by using the node: GetPlayerController->PlayerState

Each of those nodes will give you a return of PlayerController, Pawn and PlayerState respectively. If you extended a Character and called it BP_MyCharacter and want to retrieve a value from it, you would need to first get the controlled pawn and Cast that value to BP_MyCharacter. If you do not cast to BP_MyCharacter, you can never get any values that do not exist in Pawn.