How Unreal Engine looks to a newbie


I was always in the mood for games in general as I play games from 4 years old :smiley:
Someday I had the idea of making my own game, so I was searching in google for days and I came up with Unity as it has C# in it. I can say that it was frustrating at the beginning but then I got to work with the engine so-so.
Then I saw a tutorial on youtube about landscapes where the guy who did it was using unreal engine. I came on your official site and saw that you only support C++, that was a huge slap in the face but I said who cares, I know the basics and where I stuck I shall use blueprints instead.
So here I am… The engine looks far more comfortable than unity’s, seems a lot more organized and dunno why but I freaking love it much more! What made me more interested is that Epic Staff communicates with it’s users frequently and is answering always with a “Have a great day guys!”. That was such a good thing to see!
Also there is enough support by other members too, whom I thank so much for helping as well as the help which is provided by the wiki! It’s like almost everything is beeing predicted (and that is what communication of the staff with the members is doing).
I really got shocked when someone complained about the road system and that the community voted for it to be implemented and Epic Games actually did it!

So for all these and for more I want to thank Epic Games for giving me the opportunity and the chance to be a part of this community!

Hey Innos, I am glad you are happy with the Engine and I am extremely glad that you like the community. We love hearing feedback like this and I am sure Epic will be along to say thank you as well.

As usual, if you ever need anything just ask away and the community will help where they can. 8-}

Thanks a bunch qdelpeche!

Welcome to the community then, enjoy being around a friendly cooperative community a UNREAL ENGINE community.