How Unreal detects if there is a touch interface?

Hello everyone,
I just started using the touch inputs and they are awesome!
It is super sweet that the system detects if the user has a touch screen and enables the touchpad.
But there are some cases that i would like the player to have control over this.
For example a surface 3 user can plug in an xbox 360 controller although it is a touch based device.
In that scenario he would probably want to disable the visual touchpad.
So the question is how can i set up my blueprints so the player can enable or disable the visualization of the touchpad (even though he has a touch screen) or all touch input in general?
Thank you

If you wont find anything, alternativly you could hide and show touch controls by detecting touch or contoller events, if button on controller is used make touch controlls dissapper when screen is touched make controlles apper again

Thank you for your answer,
So is there a node that can make the default touchpad visible/invisible when it automatically appears on a touch device ?

Well search in APIs, i find this but not sur i will be useful:

You could aswell make you own virtual controls