How universal do you think vr will be in the coming years project-wise?

Ppl are constantly comparing this with mobile phones. I can’t see why.
These headsets aren’t new like a smartphone was; they are around since the late 80s;

and thats your problem right there. You are comparing these with the VR headsets that were out in the 80s. (Well since the 60s actually) and they are nothing alike. Much the same as a smart phone could not be compared to the brick phones of the 80s.

Well, I choose to wait and see. :slight_smile:

Oh ya thats fair enough. I was just pointing out the comment you made that it will 10 years for it to take off if ever and it reminded me of all the naysayers that said the iPhone was going to fail. Look how foolish they look now.

You see these headsets as the new iPhone I suppose.
I see them as the 3D TV remake… Remember? “-everybody will own 3d tvs in few years.”, “-2d Tvs will be replaced and there’s no coming back now.”

No it could take 5 years before these headsets really take off. Notice how I say could and not will.

You really can’t compare the 3D TV “market” to the VR market though. 3D TV’s failed because there was no consumer demand for it. It wasn’t the consumers that pushed for 3D TV’s to be developed, it was the TV manufacturers that came to a point where they could go no further and keep prices high. VR, on the other hand, is almost completely dominated by the consumer demand. Take the average remarks by consumers:

3D TV’s: “Ok, this is cool, but, I could live without it”

VR: “OMFG, where can I get this? $350!! THAT’S IT?”

Some interesting points, made by Palmer Luckey, relative to this conversation, at: Maximum PC

I hope you are right on that one. I don’t want VR to fail, not the case; I just learned to live a little closer to the floor after a while :wink:

Could you please point me to a discussion where video game consumers are actually having that posture?
I need to see this because since I backed Oculus Rift back in 2012, the only ppl enthusiast I see still having ecstasy for VR are developers and hobbyists willing to create their own things VR.

Actual “gamers”, every community I read in eventually they are always bashing the tech; reason why from 2014/2015 I realised this is going to be niche gimmick and nothing much more than that for a long while. If only developers and hobby people adhere to this, but consumers feel ‘just fine’ with the good’ol lazy gaming, then I believe a catastrophe is close.

Do a youtube search for VR demo. I can’t atm as I am at work. I could probably find quite a few links though.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, VR has 2 challenges.

  1. It must become a universal platform that smoothly plays ALL forms of media (not ONLY media created for the VR platform specifically to ensure an enjoyable experience).

2.It must find a way to deliver the VR experience without the requirement of putting on a helmet and completely alienating the user from the outside world. That is, a teenager on there way to school needs to be able to tap into there device via VR without goggles. And I find it unlikely people will realistically put contact lenses in there eyes every morning to use their pocket device when they could just look at a screen instead.

If VR can accomplish those 2 things in some “cool”, efficient, cost effective way then I think it will become a household product. If it can not then it could likely be beat out by continuing evolution of screen technology (paper screens, thin rubber 4k hd screens that literally stick to the wall, screen stickers that you just stick to your hand etc. etc. etc.). At the moment if one were to bet I think the safe bet would be that VR will be most successful in industry. Specialty VR apps can be used to control robots among a bunch of other really handy things that could be real useful work-wise. There will probably be a decent size niche entertainment market also which will probably have more porn services then anything else. But it’s a little hard to see how it will realistically beat out screen technology as the standard for communication, computer work and household entertainment any time soon without those 2 bullet points being accomplished. What will really do it is Holographic VR. But that is probably a ways out yet.