How turn galaxy note 4 to a slower device

Hello everyone,

I have a question. I want to test my game on some android devices to check the performance but I only have a galaxy note 4.
Is there anyway to slow down my note 4 to make it like other slower devices?


There’s no way? Do I have to buy another android device?

i think you can try and downclock the phone’s CPU.
i don’t know how to do it on smartphones… and i think it’s dangerous.
if there’s something like MSI afterburner for smartphone with same usability as on pc.

This isn’t something you do, there’s a much greater difference between devices than clock speed. The best option is to give your friends pizza and have a test party :slight_smile:

Some other options out there are the Samsung Remote Test Lab. They give you a number of free credits every day that you can use to test on various devices. Sony also has one. Motorola and LG used to have them but I couldn’t find links. Also keep an eye on Google’s Cloud Test Lab, it’s supposed to be free when it arrives.

Thank you so much man that’s exactly what I wanted. It worked and I tested the artificial phone but I couldn’t find a way to install my game on it. I’m gonna search more. Thanks again.

thanks :slight_smile: