How to "zoom in" camera when in a certain area (top down game)

Bump , still need answer


So I have been making a game and been holding this off but now I am asking. Is their a way that when the character (in a top down game) is in a certain area the camera gets closer to the ground (zooming in). I want this so when in a house it will zoom in to see details and things the character can use.

I am assuming it would use trigger boxes but idk how to do blueprinting etc…


Add box collision to the building and:

Image from Gyazo

If you need the transition to be smooth, interpolate the float value on tick / use a timeline instead.

Also, consider inheritance at this point; something like this should probably be in the parent class, you may not want to duplicate the script for 100s of buildings manually.

Awesome! Could you explain what you mean by make transition to be smooth. I would like it to be smooth but what does float value on tick mean and how do I apply this too timeline.


Can’t provide a pic as I’m away from my PC for a couple of weeks as of today.

But do have a look on YT, here or the forums - fInterpTo is the name of the node.

Instead of changing the springarm’s length directly, you’d set up a variable with the desired value in character blueprint. And then have Tick interpolate from current springarm length to target value stored in the variable.



Wait, ive run into a problem. Where exactly do I make this blue print? Level blueprint? ThirdPerson character? No matter what I try I cant get the, “Target, Spring arm” blueprint. (The blue one). I can get green but no blue.

Awesome! I solved it myself! I am so proud. Could u plz explain the whole make the transition smoother thing that makes no sense to me, or try to find yt vid that explains it cause I cant find anything