How to write this math formula in Blueprints?

Hi guys!
Can you please help me to express these 2 math formulas in Blueprints? I just don’t understand them, no idea how to do it :((
(They’re from old gamasutra article on clicker games:…mes_Part_I.php )

Many thanks!

For future reference, that page says those formulas are in MathJax. If you go to this page and paste them, it will convert them to something more readable.

In a Blueprint, right click and search for “Add Math Expression…” Here are the operations/functions it supports
If you paste an expression into the name or expression fields of this new node, it will automatically assign inputs and build the appropriate blueprint graph. You can double click on the expression node to see its structure.

the expression:
will output cost from formula 1

the expression:
will output max from formula 2.

Thanks, man! Perfect answer!!
I’ve just modified suggested expressions for UE4 a little bit, and they’re working fine!
b * (((power(r, k)) * ((power(r, n)) - 1)) / (r - 1))
floor((log((((c * (r - 1)) / (b * (power(r, k)))) + 1), r)))