How to write detailed Career Development Plan for 3d graphic ?

Hello. I would like to ask You for Your help. I need to write detailed Career Development Plan for 3d graphic.

I learned that I should write it with details, with precisely time (one - two weeks, one moth etc.), and with game examples of how much I want to improve.

And … I’m kinda lost. I mean, should I write something like this ?

low poly and mid poly
~2 weeks] - I will model buildings like in game “x”
~4-6 weeks] - I will model buildings like in game “x2”
~2-3 months] - I will model buildings like in game “x3”

Isn’t it weird ? Should I be able to tell how fast how good I will be ? I mean, I don’t know exactly how fast I will learn in this company and so - I don’t have any idea how much time should I put it for it. If I write “weeks” then maybe I won’t be able to meet that “deadline” and if I write “months” then I will be too slow for them ? And I need to write similar texts also for texturing, working in engine etc.

If someone could please give me some advices or examples (I didn’t find anything good in google) then I will be very grateful.

Thanks and Cheers !

It takes longer than that if you’re learning from scratch, what’s better is to have an overall goal. Like if you’re doing a 4-year course you would ideally have a portfolio by your 4th year so that during that time you can send it out and look for jobs.

Ofcourse I understand that but I already have a portfolio and certain skills. I was just hired as a test for junior and asked to write that detailed plan what is pretty hard for me because I couldn’t find any examples or advices on internet :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I would start from the end–for an object you want to make, make a guess at how long you want to take to make it, then break it down as far as what parts you want to have done, so maybe you finish modeling in a couple weeks and then have a week for texturing or whatever.