How to write a EULA

How do we go about writing a EULA because there is like no infomation on it. that i can find? Also where do we put it?

Do we use the one that given in the Epic’s game release page and fill in the parts required?

I have used Epic’s EULA in my past projects, so I think you will be fine using that.

You talk to a solicitor and get them to write it on behalf of yourself or your company.

Do not do this. Copying another company’s EULA is unlikely to be suitable for your own projects, and it also invalidates itself since it’s a form of copyright infringement. If the EULA is registered at a relevant copyright office, you can be liable for considerable damages.

Make sure you let your users know:

What will be considered a violation worthy of termination
How that termination will commence
What, if anything, must occur after the termination

What I meant, is that Epic released a template to help writing your EULA :
I didn’t mean to use Epic’s EULA but to use the Epic’s EULA template.

Aha! Yes, that’s much better, haha :slight_smile:

So, you just replaced [Product] and [Licensor] with your IDs, replaced [Agreement] with “EULA” and left the rest of the template unchanged, or reworked considerable amount of the text?

Yes, I replaced only the text inside the brackets :D.
The rest was left unchanged.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

So, writing EULA in my case will not be a difficult task after all.

I just wanted to jump in and say a few things :slight_smile:
I had the same problem when I was writing an EULA for my game so I contacted [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION] for more informations on how to do it and he told me that EULA which Epic Games provides you need to put into your game to protect Unreal Engine.
So you will need one for your game and this one that Epic released.

Well, if I understand everything correctly, this EULA template protects not just Unreal Engine, but also both Epic Games and developer of a game.

By the way, is it required to force user to read the EULA before playing a game? If yes, than is it required on all platforms (including mobile devices)?

Epic gives out an example EULA that you can modify to fit your game, more info here:

This is the direct download for the EULA file (it is linked in the webpage above as well):

So i’m trying to understand this. In the epic example EULA template , only the product name and licensor would need to be changed? Who is the licensor? my company? Does both the main Epic EULA and the altered example EULA template need to be in a game? Where do these go ? As intro screens or movies? Does this in effect copyright a game ? Or is a game automatically copyrighted? Or in project settings / legal /copyright , what is this section used for?

We aren’t really allowed to provide legal advice, but I can help out with a couple questions here. The “licensor” is the company or individual that owns the rights to the game (and is therefore licensing it to end-users). If by “main Epic EULA” you mean the Unreal Engine EULA, that should not be used for your game.

Is the EULA just put in the folder with the game files? Or does it need to be like an intro screen or something? Thanks.

So say i use the example EULA and just replace the [Licence] with my company name and replaced [Agreement] with “EULA” and left the rest of the template unchanged what do we do with this next? just place into the root of game or something in txt format?