How to workaround Perforce Editor freezing issues?


I’ve had a chance to try Perforce, as everyone seems to like it, but I could never ever figure out how to use with with the Editor source control integration enabled. As soon as it’s enabled, moving any substantial amount of assets in the content browser from one directory to another, or renaming directories with substantial amount of assets in them will always freeze the Editor, to the point where the operation may not finish even after an hour, despite it being just couple of megabytes of the data, and the Editor has to be shut down via task manager.

I had a chance to talk to someone who actually had some experience with Perforce, but when asking them about is, the response was “Ehhh, we just don’t really rename or move the files around too much…” which I struggle to believe is the right answer.

So I am wondering, does anyone here have any success using Perforce while avoiding these issues?

Thanks in advance.

This has been happening to me too.