how to work with widgets for "row" child widget ?


widget are good, but there is a huge memory problem with “row” child widgets used for vertical box

for example, i want to create a widget that show a list of player connected called “Widget_ListPlayerConnected” that will contain a vertical box

now i create a widget that will represent a player row called “widget_PlayerRow” that will contain the player name as text

now the list of player connected should be refreshed many times, so each time i refresh the vertical box i will do a clean children on it,
then i will add a “Widget_PlayerRow” child widget to it for each player connected.

but… every time i will add ‘Widget_PlayerRow’ child they will stay on memory forever ! and each time i will refresh the list the memory will increase !

and that only for a simple player list… i have many widget working with “row” childs

how to work with vertical box and child widget to avoid huge memory & cpu usage?