How to work with this model

In my 3D package (maya) I have a fence like structure that surrounds a house. Its a lot of polys in total.

I can see that it could be modular. So I am wondering should I export the module that could potentially make the whole structure. Then reassemble it in the editor, and once assembled then group it?

My questions are:
Should I bring in the whole encompassing model of the fence into UE4?
Should I make a module out of it and reconstruct it in UE4?
When reconstructing should I group it in the editor? Or use some other way to rebuild the structure in UE4 (like a prototype module) Then drag that into the editor ?

any of the options would work but you may be able to get a slight performance gain from having just one section of fence that you have instances of to create the whole. honestly though i cant see it being a super gain to performance. youd probably get more performance from eliminating polygons where you can.