How to work with Steam and custom code

Hey guys,

I’m rather experienced with C++, but pretty new to Unreal. I’ve learned blueprints reasonably well (I’ve been able to do everything I want to do for my game - animations, interaction, etc.) but I have two questions hanging me up currently.

How do I go about implementing custom C++ code to a Blueprint project? I’d like to hook into it more than just a custom class, to say, use a Direct2D draw surface to draw my own UI (I’m friendly with D2D and I’d like to use that instead of paying for a UI engine). If I were to use a hud C++ class, how would I go about calling functions in the blueprints from the code?

The second question is about Steam. I’d like to use Steam as my DRM and multiplayer source, but I’m unsure how to go about setting up to do that (I’ve followed the steps for setting up the SDK, but I also cannot find any of the x64 Steam dll’s listed in the Steam folder). I’m experienced with networking and the concepts associated with it, but I’m just a little lost jumping into mixing C++ and Blueprint/UDK interfaces.

I’d appreciate any pointers toward achieving what I’m after here. Thanks in advance!

#My Steam Tutorial

I have a tutorial on getting set up with steam where I explain where to get the .DLLs from!



Rama, that’s excellent! Thank you! Once this is set up, will I be able to use the in-editor multiplayer settings via Steam? Is that how it works? (i.e. function/variable replication will occur via Steam).