How to work with a TEAM?


I am a back-end developer (web apps) and I usually work with TFS (Team Foundation Server) to synchronize all my work with the rest of my team.
Im trying Unreal Engine 4 but I can’t really understand how im supposed to work with other people.

I started from a visual studio solution and added that solution to TFS,
the code is in sync but when I do some work using the editor I have to save everything in a .umap file which of course is not part of the solution.
Even then I would still have the Content folder to sync!

so how do you handle all these situations?

and what happens when a new engine version is released? how do I upgrade my project?


why no reply? question make no sense?

Perforce is intregrate in unreal and can handle any type of files, code, unreal assets, 3d, 2d files, docs, etc.


You might find this link about how the Unreal Engine works with the Perforce version control system useful: Can someone help me with getting Perforce setup with Unreal Engine 4? - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

And this one about general SCM workflows from Unreal Editor

Thanks, I managed to make perforce work but I have to say that it was a nightmare, now im testing it but im not sure that is the best option for code files…

In the companys that I am work was used for all proyects, Perforce is intregrate in visual too.

really? that would be cool, do I need to install a visual studio plugin? or how does it work? Can’t really find any link about how to use perforce with UE4 (what to share, how it works, etc…)

A plugin of perforce, they are also full integration with photoshop, max, office.


I am trying to make use of perforce in teamwork too. We got two workstations on different locations and one of them is set for server. Is there any way to access the server from client over the internet?

Yup, just open firewall ports and use the public ip in the client workstation. I have to say that im renting a virtual machine here Azure (200$ free credit for the first month)
I think you can also have it running as a service (it should be cheaper but I never tried).

Basically in this era isn’t really worth anymore having a home server ^^