How to work on a Maya tool/script from different locations


(Firstly, sorry if you feel this is in the wrong part of the forum. I’m an animator and I make some animation tools so I figured maybe this could be an alright spot.)

I’m writing some animation and rigging tools for Maya in Python. Sometimes I work on them at work, sometimes at home. Something that makes this cumbersome is making sure everything is updated locally at work and at home. So what I’m asking for here is if anyone has any thoughts on this or good suggestions on where I can look to find more info!

So the setup I currently have for a rig tool I’m making is something like this. I have a UI script which creates a window with buttons tied to different functionality. It also calls in the different rigging modules. Then I have different modules for the different rigging parts - arm module, leg module etc - in python files. These files reside in Maya’s script folder.

If I update the module files at home I need to make sure to update the module files at work (of course) for it to work. I also try to always copy over the UI script and the different modules to different Google Docs, resting on Google Drive (of course…) so that I can somewhat easily just copy the text from there to the local python files.

Hope that’s not too unclear. What I’d love is a solution where I don’t have to update it in more than one place. Could Maya import modules from Google Drive (or something similar)?

Thankful for any advice! :slight_smile:


Github is your friend…plus some editor with basic Git integration like VSCode

Alright! Thanks for the tip. I guess I might have to try to learn to use Github then :slight_smile: