How to work in team?

Hi Guys,
I’m making a project with my team, i woould like to know if is possible work in team on UE4 and how i can do it, also, is possible to have more Artists that work on the landscape? how it works?

First of all, consider using some file versioning system, like Git, SVN or Perforce. With systems like that you will be able to keep your project stored in a secure manner and always synched with each of your developers.

Binary files cannot be merged, so it’s not so easy for two or more people work in the same map.
You can do some workarounds like the new Live Editor of Unreal, check out this doc:

Or you can split your map on different level streamings and make a great politic of file saving inside your team.

Ok thanks a lot, i ve just seen, if i’ll had problems i repost here

ok thanks a lot if i’ll have problems i update here.

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