How to work as a team

Hello everyone, I’m new here and as you saw I already made quite a few threads recently, I hope I’m not bothering anyone with too many questions. :slight_smile:

my concern is, if I am to assemble a team to make a specific game, something like an action-RPG (like diablo3), what kind of indeviduals I would be needing to do it?
for example, I will be the UE4 expert, my friend is finishing a degree in computers science so he would be also in charge of the c++ source in UE4, what other skills should I need?
or something like this:

  1. Me: UE4 game design, game developement, lore/story, art.
  2. My friend: UE4 game design, c++
  3. …?

I assume maybe 3) Animation expert?
like someone who is very good at Maya and photoshop, etc etc …

What do you think ?
Also usefull links that discuss these issues would help me a lot. Thank you.

Here is a rough overview:

-3d artist (textures, meshes, animations)
-technical artist (materials, light, import/export process,…)
-level design
-concept artist

-story/writer -> in smaller teams this is mostly done with the entire team

Those are the “development” jobs :slight_smile: Of course when you are in a very small team, all members have to do several stuff → e.g concept artist, technical artist and 3d artist,…

Depends on the end game…literally.

If your putting together a pirate crew to share and share alike on a game to be sold then as a start up

  1. Coder
  2. Content creator who generalize
  3. 2d Concept artist.

After that post openings for what you need and not what you want. You don’t need an animator until you have something to animate so before that you will need a modeler and of course they will need to model the game design based on the 2d concept work.

You bring in a crew before there is something to do you will loss them fast.

If you are looking to put together and old school mod team then don’t be picky and take what you can get as in never turn down free work.


Don’t go shopping for bodies until you have working proof of concept. Just a fancy web page and some concept pics is not enough and is a red flag as yet again another poser project.

thanks for the insight, fighter. will surely be keeping this information in mind.

FrankieV: dont worry about that i’m collecting friends and people i trust and know that have the same passion i have to make the team. what my concerns were what are the “positions” or skills i need to complete a team for this mission.

Cool good start.

As fighter suggested on small teams it’s more about who is willing to pick up the ball than it’s about expert skills. The team I’m on over the years there is probably not an area of the game design that I’ve not been involved with so if looking for skill look for those who willing to go where angels fear to trend. :smiley: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve broken something.

Another skill is having a sense of humor.

Long way of saying if time is on your side don’t worry about what you think you need as someone who’s been there and done that it will come your way and usually in away you would never have expected.

Just keep swimming. :wink:

Depending on the game you are trying to create here’s a general kinda guess I would say you need for a game.

  1. A concept/idea for the game you want to make. This is at the top because this it decides a lot about the game, like what kind of engine to use and the skills necessary to make the the game, like will the game be 2D or 3D? And so forth.
  2. An animator/modeler. If the game is 3D you need someone with experience with a 3D program, you can’t have a game without the character and stuff right.
  3. A programmer. Some people think you can make a game without programming personally I disagree there is a lot more then just telling the characters how and when to move to be done with programming, like with your game you might need servers, websites, a way to update content, is the game offline or online if people need to connect how will they connect? Servers, networks, peer to peer, hosted by someone, etc a programmer comes in handy in many areas.
  4. A 2D artist for concept art it’s hard to explain to someone how you want something to look just with words its good to have some drawn images to demonstrate.
  5. A sound designer someone needs to handle sound effects, music, and your audio needs in a game.
    Now depending on the size of your team or how many people will be working on the game some people might have to handle more then one job if you have 3 people likely someone will also have to take on additional task like sound, marketing or something.
    There is a lot of smaller over looked jobs in making games like how are you gonna market the game like get the name out there to people? Who’s gonna do the sound? Where will I get the servers needed to host it if it’s an online game.