How to watch the value of FString or FName in xcode?

How to watch the value of FString or FName in xcode while debugging? In visual studio ,there are some files such as AUTOEXP.DAT that can help to visualize the value of FString and FName. In xcode, are there similar files?

There’s a Engine/Extras/LLDBDataFormatters/ file in UE4 directory that LLDB can use to display certain types from the engine. To enable it, you need the following line in .lldbinit file in your home directory:

command script import "<path_to_UE4/Engine/Extras/LLDBDataFormatters/"

GenerateProjectFiles script should’ve added it for you, I believe.

Thank you for your reply, But, in my UE4 directory, i can`t find the file named, and there is not the LLDBDataFormatters directory too.

Hmm. I’m not sure how did that happen, but it seems it’s not included in, where it should be. I’m sorry about that. I’ll make sure this zip gets updated soon. In a meantime, maybe you could copy this file from your binary engine install (if you have it)? Sadly, I cannot attach this file for you here.

Wrote one long ago…

About 2007 I wrote an Unreal autoexp dll that would do this. I haven’t looked at unreal since 2007, just now getting back into it. This time from the OSX side.

I’m pretty sure my autoexp.dat plugin was posted on the unreal site by Epic.

Thank you, It’s all right! Maybe the similar files will come out in the future .

Thank’s Lunchtime! But you know , there is a big difference between ue3 and ue4, are you sure the old dll can work on ue4?