How to walk through doorway of my 3d model

I’m new to this and am having an issue with the collision of my imported 3d mesh. I modeled a simple wall with a doorway. I cant walk through. I modeled the mesh in blender. If anyone could point me in the right direction to get the answers I need, I would be grateful.

i assume that you had unreal make the collision automatically. if so then theres your problem, the simple collision that the engine makes is super simple like it basically says how can i create a box to put this item in. so if you open the asset in the engine ant look at the collision it will probable just be a rectangular box. theres a few ways fix this, you can either create custom collision which in your case isnt too hard to do, or you can change the collision complexity of your asset. to change the collision complexity of an asset just open the static mesh in unreal and go to the details panel and look for the collision section. then find collision complexity and change that to use complex as simple. im not sure on the performance aspects of changing the complexity and for optimal and proper results your probably best off creating custom collision but for the short term or for prototyping changing the complexity should be fine.

Thanks a lot. That worked great.