How to walk on importet fbx object?

Hello guys, i inportet a ship as fbx into a third person level i created, when i place my character on the object and it just falls through it as if there is nothing, i placed a normal floor besides it and tested my character and he could walk fine there so i tried to copy the physics and collision settings from the floor to the ship but he still falls through, i tried all the preset collision settings but the character always either falls through the object or even just spawns besides it, so my question is if anyone knows how i can make my character walk on an imortet fbx object or if its even possible… :frowning:

Yes you can, also on main objects sometimes collision are presetted sometimes not, it maybe a bug. To not become insane set “Show” -> Collision, so you don’t need to try if collision work all times. Then, to able collision, click on the object without collision, go in the menu “world outliner”, right click on your object and click on “Edit name” So, it will open a new window.
Go at top left (in the line of “File”), click “collision” -> “Auto convex collision”, then go at bottom right in convex decomposition and press “Apply”. :slight_smile:

than you very much m8 :smiley: but now i have an other problem, he doesnt land or walk on the object but it shows the in-air animation (jump animation?) and he gets kinda pulled away from the object slowly until he falls out from the edge, but thanks anyways, would appreciate if you could help me again :S

Double click on your mesh to open the mesh editor. Click on your showed collision box to mark it. Edit it like everything else in UE.
OR see here: Setting Up Collisions With Static Meshes | Unreal Engine Documentation

You need to create collision for your mesh yourself, in your 3D package (Maya, 3dsMax, Blender, or whatever you used). You can also use the static mesh editor window to create basic collision, but I don’t recommend it unless you are making collision for a box or sphere.

hello, first of all thank you very much for answering, i made the object (ship) in blender but i cant seem to find a tutorial on how to make collisions in blender anywhere, do you know how i could do that or could you link me a tutorial please? :slight_smile:

thanks for answering m8 :D, ill try as soon as possible :slight_smile: