How to walk inside a loop?

What exactly is your problem? In order to get started you just need to inherit the character’s orientation in your camera component (in this particular case you’ll need not only the Yaw but Pitch also). This way the camera will always follow the orientation of your character when it’s walking up or down.

I’m looking for an easy way to get the following done. From 0:07-0:15 in the video linked, is what I’m looking for. Where the robot is walking along the inside of a loop, and the camera also adjusts to follow along. I’d like help in getting a character movement and camera system that does this.

I’ve been searching for a couple days now, on how to do this. With little luck, only finding topics talking about this, but not any that show how to do it. I thought about posting my own question, and even if this could be done, and how to describe what I was looking for, when I found that video, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you for any help with this.

I imagine this is done via a line trace downwards and a “local gravity”. By which I mean they coded their own gravity so each character has it’s own. If you don’t need jumping you can also just write a custom movement and don’t have to worry about any gravity.

Now to get this right it’s obviously quite a lot of work which is why this is not used all that often especially not in tutorials.

What you could do as well is writing your own gravity implementation all together and make your main objects have that gravity so your character will always be able to walk on it and fall feet towards the object towards the nearest gravity object. That could allow some cool things with changing gravity when you jump and so on and if you want low gravity is no issue in this case as well.

However there are no direct tutorials about this and as I said. It’s quite a lot of work probably partially in C++.


I’ve still had no luck in finding out how to do what I was looking for, using blueprints. I’m not skilled enough in using C++ to try and work on this on my own.

From what I’ve found thru searches, this seems to be only way to get this working. I wish there was an easy way to do this.

I’ve actually worked a bit with it since I though a maze type of game could be really fun with this mechanic.

Now if a bit of sliding is ok for you I can give you a setup which works. It’s using the flying gamemode so moving to the left or right is just rotating instead of strafing and you are not instantly stopping but “gliding”.

What I’m doing is do a line trace downwards, change the character rotation depending on the angle of the surface hit and apply force downwards to make the character walk on the surface.

It’s everything but ideal but the best I could come up with in blueprint only.

And C++ gave me quite a few troubles as well. I tried doing something similar as I just explained to the normal movement but I still fall off at 90 degree.