How to walk in UE4

I simply dont know how to walk in my level. I press “Play” and just float freely.
My question is, how or what do i need to do in order to be able to walk like in the UE4 tutorials by Zach on the UE Youtube channel. When he presses “Play” he is able to walk around but when i do, i simply float. Any help? :[

aslo, i dont check here often, but if i keep needing this help…i will check back. My email is and if you help me through email, it would be much more noticed and appreciated :[

Make sure you press “Possess” to posses the game modes default character.

If you setup your character properly as Zach does in the tutorial then you probably forgot to set it as default pawn in World Settings.

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Apparently you werent referring to any specific tutorial. For a third person character follow this tutorial series: null - YouTube

For FPS character, still watch those tutorials(especially number 5, 13 and 14), and create a new character BP in content browser. Set the controls as shown in those videos and then set this character as your default pawn in world settings.

He sets up the character in one of the videos?! I must have skipped over it??? if you can…i would be so very thankful as to tell me exactly which video he does it in. Video tutoring helps me alot. lastly, im also new to asking for help online. I didnt really think that asking online would help. Thanks! hope to hear back with some details :[

there IS no default character when starting a new map. which is why its so much trouble. thought, i think Jacky is onto something, hopefully i hear back from that person and all goes well. Thanky you for helping as well. maybe this will spark something later on.

No problem. You can also migrate an fps character from an fps project but it still wont work automatically(you’ll need to setup the controls, which is explained in the tutorials) and the info you’ll get from the tutorials will be useful in the long run anyway.

Thank you so much, i actually was refering to a first person tutorial. Still, thank you so much for helping me and will check out the entire playlist of videos you linked me to. hopefully i am able to just set up a simple first person camera so i can walk through anything i create. Thanky you a miilion times. If i do have any problems refering back to making a first person camera or walking in ue4, i will post back. Again, Thank you.