How to VR 101

So as a side project I want to start making a BLUEPRINT virtual reality experience for google cardboard (more for one of those knockoff brands). I’m wondering where can I find a template that just sets me up straight into vr for cardboard. Also, how does one create a rail system (not roller-coaster) that moves the “character” around the virtual environment?

I dont think Unreal works with Google Cardboard.

It works with Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear.

There is no VR template. You need to download a plugin for oculus rift or Samsung Gear and thats it… Vr will work with the standard templates.

Google cardboard is not officially supported in UE4. There is a unofficial plugin for it:

Epic has Cardboard support on their public Trello roadmap, so maybe it will appear some day. I wouldn’t hold my breath however.

As for VR template. Some community members created project template that contains solutions for some of the common VR problems in UE4:

It wasn’t updated for quite some time, but you can still load it and dig for ideas.

For the rail system, check out Matinee. You can drive camera via editable curves. Unfortunately, if you want to animate skeletal mesh in ACharacter-derieved pawn via root motion, it’s not much of use.