How to Visualize RGB channels on Landscape Actor?

So I am creating a landscape material by combining the RGB channels from two different splat maps using the Add and Subtract nodes which ultimately is used as the alpha for a two material layer blend node. The splat maps were created in World Machine.

My question is this, how do I visualize the result of the RGB blend on the landscape actor itself? I can visualize the RGB blend in a way by simply looking at the material blend on the landscape actor, but that doesn’t tell me exactly how the final blend looks in terms of RGB. This would be very helpful. Right now I’m testing and iterating different WM builds to see how the materials compile. If I can get a better sense of what/how the final RGB blend is, then I can better determine what to do in WM. Which could reduce my development time.

Set it up in the material to display that channel as the emissive, and then use switch to turn it on and off. You could use the “channel mask parameter” to specify which channel to visualize