How to vertex snap in UE4.9?

I’m having trouble with vertex snapping in UE 4.9.

The case was much simpler in 4.7 where I’d MMB + V on the pivot point to a vertex on the object and then LMB + V to snap that object to another.

I’ve realised that in 4.9 temporarily changing the pivot point is now Alt + MMB, which works normally but when I want to snap it to a vertex, the V key doesn’t work at all. LMB + V still works fine.

I’m having the same problem, have you found any solution?

I found a temporal solution, just bind a key to “snap to vertex” in preferences (not the hold to snap to vertex (V by default), but the “push once to enable vertex snapping” one). That way it works but it’s still not working with “hold to snap” (V).