How to verify if a gamepad is connected?

hello, is there a way to verify/check if the player is using a gamepad?

or just know if the gamepad is pluged in/connected or attached?

thanks in advance for all the help

You can do a couple of things. You can split up the input of the devices and do the check on who is giving the input

Or off the input event, you can go out of the key and run “Is Gamepad Key” and then set a bool from that

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thank you for the help, i will try that

Question for you: Why use a separate mapping for keyboard and controller? They can use the same mappings. Just want to know.

You don’t have to, I was just giving two examples. They both solve the issue just with a different implementation. I did it with input just because I was doing a lot of extra logic for the controller and wanted it to look nicer. haha