How to UV a Sphere for a Skybox?

Hi Guys!

I left the UVs like they came out in 3DSMAX.
But now i have these results for the Zenith and the Nadir:

So whats the best way to UV a Sphere to use the Sphere as a Skybox?
Or should i use a Cube for a Skybox?


I am looking for something like that as well.

What I would recommend is doing some tests. Input a grid as a texture and play with UVs until you get something you like. Anyway that’s what I will try in some time (when I have time), I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:

Hm, I could recommend to open Sky blueprint and just look at sphere UV.
Also you could create Scene Capture Cube and then export file and use this as a base to paint on in Photoshop

That looks to me like, like your sphere isn’t made with quads, but t riangles which WILL cause that.

Just a thought, I’m far from a sky expert , but that IS the pattern you see typically on a NON quad based mesh.


Ok thank you guys.
But will Unreal not Auto. Triangulate the Mesh when Importing it to the Engine?

I think it does yes given its a tri based engine .
Even so ,what you have looks to me anyway like its a tri based sphere not a quad one, they look at different, at least that’s my theory :wink:



Yes its Triangulated in 3DSMAX, so there are no possibilities to change the geometry for any software package.
But that doesn´t help me because the Engine would triangulate it auto. :wink:

the issue is not necessarily if your mesh is triangles or quads. what matters are your UVs and if they match your textures. i believe epic uses equirectangular panorama mapping which is the same as the mapping of the 3ds max sphere. so you need to either UV the sphere in a way so it matches your texture or convert your texture to match the uvs of the sphere.