[How To] Using the Homing Target Component of the Projectile Movement component

Okay, I’ve been searching forever to try to get this figured out and saw many different attempts and failures of getting this working.

Here’s my cure for PD: (Projectile Dysfunction)

Basically, in my Projectile BP I’ve added the Projectile Movement component and dragged it into the event graph so I could use it in setting the required information for the homing.

Okay, so in my projectile’s BeginPlay Event, I add a scene component to my player character (This doesn’t need to be cast to anything else) and use the return value of that to set the Homing Target Component. (You can drag off the pin from the Projectile Movement component we put in the event graph to set this.) I’m also using the BP to specifically set the Is Homing, and Homing Acceleration Magnitude. This isn’t really necessary as those can be set on the Projectile Movement component itself, but I’m planning on using projectiles with different behaviors so I’m just getting myself set up for this now.

Hopefully this helps out anyone else trying to figure it out.

OH! I don’t know why, but the Homing Acceleration Magnitude needs to be set to a wicked high number in order for the homing to actually be noticeable. So if you’re not seeing any results, think of a really high number, and then set this value to something even higher than that.

(And remember: if your projectiles last longer than four hours, set a delay and destroy them.)

I also found that this works, too: (In case you’re concerned about adding a component to the character every time he gets fired at (like I was…))

Just drag off of the player character and use a GetRootComponent.

Hi, the image of the blueprint code isn’t loading. Is this a problem at my side or did something break during migration to this new platform?