How to used Web Remote Control with one other station?


How can I used my android phone or my tablette with windows 10 to control my Unreal Station with the Web Control Remote tool ?

Thanks for your help

Connect your device using Wifi to your PC and enter the web address of the Unreal web remote.

My unreal station and my laptop are connected to the same wifi. I tryed with localhost:7000 or :30010 or :30020 " "
mywifiipv4:7000 " "
It’s not working, do you mean the adresse :

Thanks for your answer

You might first simply open up a browser window on the same computer and then if that works as it should then try a remote browser.
The last example should work.

It’s working fine on my Unreal Station but I try after disconnect firewall on my microsoft surface PC but without result. Did you succed to do that ?

Thanks for your answer

I have done it but not in the last month or so. Will try to check it out again in the next week. Wireless connection for any of the Unreal tools, especially on Windows, can be an iffy proposition.

Thanks a lot, I try one more time and search solution but without result.