How to use weapons bought off of Marketplace in UE4 shooter game example?


My team recently purchased a boatload of items from the marketplace to help speed up the development time in our game, and it has tremendously! But we have ran into a few issues regarding a few weapon packs. We purchased the Military Weapons Dar pack by Adia Entertainment, and Modern Weapon Pack by Blackfoot Studios. I have looked for any kind of documentation that could possibly help me out, but I can’t find anything. We are working off of the shooter game example that Unreal engine created. How can we implement the guns in the game? I thought all that would be needed is a simple drag and drop into the game, but the character won’t pick it up. Is there a tutorial specifically for marketplace weapon implementation? I looked online, but all I could find were tutorials regarding adding new weapons in the game using 3dsmax to rig them up.
Each of the weapon pack contains skeletal meshes, how would/could I implement them into the Shooter Game example, and or, the First person blueprint?

Thank you for any help you’re able to provide!