How To Use Weapons ???? ( also a giveaway-ish )

Hi There Unreal Community i wanted to ask a question for a long time , i discovered some cool assets that can make me do a shooter , so i got my hands on some weapons with their shells and bullets full stuff but the problem is how do i do it ??? , you see i am making a 1st person shooter but it has a third person body cuz yaknow i need the body :smiley: but what do i do, i mean i need the animations and how do i attach it to the body plus How do i add the crosshair and once the player is shooting it aims and shoots then goes back to default position and when the player aims at the enemy ai it goes red and the critical hit logic as you can see i need help , badly.

Oh and the giveaway is not from me its from SG-Creations (it provieded me with the gun and the bullets) its a website and utube channel ,it has great content check it out .

All of these are basics, i can only recommend you very good shooter tutorial which covers almost everything needed for fps game.

bro not sure it covers it in detail , is there a better tuts or should i just give this one a shot {i am noobie afterall}

There are a ton of great tutorials in the Learn tab at the top of this site, and on the UnrealEngine channel.

What youโ€™re asking is the very basics of UE4 and you should go through some tutorials first.