How to use Variable Font?

I am attempting to use a variable font in UE5, however it attempts to import multiple TTFs but does not modify them which results in multiple TTFs of the default font (no bold/italic/etc).

Is there any way to use a variable font in UE5?

It looks as though you should do the following

  • import a ttf font
  • double click font to open editor
  • Open the Details window (Windows > Details)
  • Set Font Cache Type to Offline

This will allow Unreal to read fonts from your windows machine


Variable fonts are an extension to the opentype font format introduced in 2016, the new format allows to contain multiple font weights, widths and styles in a single font file.

I couldn’t install either. I can’t make any adjustments. it needs to be integrated into the unreal engine. Looking forward to seeing variable font support in Unreal Engine.

Bumping this because I still don’t see any support for Variable Fonts at the moment. Did I miss it?

Any plans to support variable fonts in upcoming versions?

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