How to use USlateVectorArtData to create an item for SMeshWidget

Capture.PNGI saw this in this video, but I haven’t been able to find a way to create SlateVectorArtData.
Due to the lack of documentation related to SMeshWidget, it’s really hard to grasp how it actually works.

So I was wondering if anyone could help me on how this file is created for SMeshWidgets.

(That’s my video)

This is strange - these used to be in the “Miscellaneous” section of the Content Browser, but for some reason it’s now not there in 4.25. I’m not sure if that’s intentional or not, but they don’t belong to any special modules or plugins so it must be an oversight.

Essentially it’s just a wrapper class for a Static Mesh asset that converts the mesh into Slate vertices. I can’t find any references to the factory class nor the type in engine source, so it must have been removed by accident or the menu isn’t showing it for some reason.

EDIT: Definitely a bug. There is no AssetTypeActions class for USlateVectorArtData, and the factory seems to require that to show it in the menu. Bit dumb.

Yeah spent lot of time looking for those, As I am planning on implementing SMeshWidget. 4.25 is basically a bug version of UE4.
Which it was possible to go back to 4.23.

For now you might be able to quickly make a plugin or a file that includes the assettypeactions for that asset type, and it should show up in the CB again. I’ve filed a bug report with Epic as it’s pretty annoying.

You could also maybe get around it by creating one in an earlier version of the engine then migrating it accross, and duplicating it when you need to make a new one. Is a bit of a hassle though.

I tried to create a file in 4.23 to migrate it, but for some reason anytime I try to save it, the engine just crashes.

Seems it’s still not fixed.And i can’t find AssetTypeActions in 423 too but it still work.Is there a solution for this?

@DragonSlay_r there is a crash, yes - even in my 4.26 version where I have the context menu working. The trick is that you need to edit it and supply the static mesh in the properties before you hit save. It’s not ideal, but because of the way they’ve created the asset it’s not possible to save it with an empty mesh.

@profhua there was no AssetTypeActions for this type in 4.23, the issue is that they added an arbitrary requirement in a later engine version that prevents assets from appearing in the context menu unless one exists. They did add one in 4.27, by the looks of it.

I fixed this in my 4.26 engine by making a plugin to implement the AssetTypeActions, but now that I’ve seen that it’s already added in 4.27 I might just copy/paste their 4.27 one into my 4.26 engine source to save me the hassle of migrating it when I upgrade later.