How to use UE4 with Pen Tablet or Touch Pad


Actually I’m trying to use UE4 in my laptop. First I tried with the trackpad, and it was impossible because I need to rotate the camera with the RMB, and I have to broke my fingers to achieve that.

Then, I tried with my Wacom, but when I use the RMB of my pen, it only pans.

I want to change the RMB with LMB in the touchpad, and achieve that RMB in the pen works. Anybody knows how to do it?

The perfect solution is use touchpad with 2 fingers like Apple Magic Trackpad. My trackpad and windows can recognize 2 fingers, but PC Unreal version doesn’t have this option.


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Configurando Pen Tablet wacom na Unreal Engine - YouTube
please look here ,need windows ink OFF.