How to use "UE4 Runtime Transformer"

I’d like to make the cube transform at runtime.
The following plugins can achieve it.

But I’ve started to develop game engine.
I am not familiar with UE4 or Unity…
I don’t have any idea about what I should do.

So could you tell me how to use Runtime Transformer.
Or Could you tell me the matched learning contents…

Have you looked at the docs?

I read this.
But I can’t find instruction…
With sample projects, I don’t have any idea…

I downloaded the project and took a quick look. As far as I can see, all you have to do is enable the plugin and then drop the blueprint actor in your level ( RTT_Actor ).

Having said that, I couldn’t run it, due to compilation problems, but you could give it a go…

Is your UE4 version 4.26?

According to following, supported version is 4.24-4.26.

Yes, 4.26, but it won’t compile… seems like some events are missing.

Could you report the issues in Git hub?

If you are busy, I’ll do it on the behalf of you.

Best thing is try to actually use it. Can you open that project? If you can, it doesn’t matter.

You’re right.

I encountered the same issues.
(fail to compile blueprint

I’ll report issues to Git.