How to use UE4 documentation?


I’d like to ask if anyone has any good tips to get around in UE4 documentation. One thing I noticed in Unity is that they have really good documentation, for example:…s.Raycast.html
In the example link above, you can notice two nice things:
1, On the left, there is a tree which shows you exactly where you are in the context of the entire documentation structure tree.
2, You can click on the underlined “Physics” text to get to the parent class and see what other functions does Physics library have.

Now, I noticed that whenever I search in UE4 documentation, I land on a page like this:…gle/index.html
And I find it very hard to orient myself in regards to where I am in the whole documentation. The tree on the left is collapsed, and there is not any “Up” or “Back” button to get to the parent class where all the other HUD functions reside.

After some digging, I found it here: HUD | Unreal Engine Documentation From this page, I am able to proceed down to the actual function,
but how would I get back up from there to the page above? There must be some navigation linking those pages together so that they can be navigated seamlessly, but either I am blind or there is really no such functionality.

Thank you for your feedback!

This is a high priority for us and something that we are investigating.

Jim Bradbury
Senior Technical Writer