How to use timers

Something is wrong with me!! when I use timers, they does not work!! For example “Set timer by function name” node in event graph:

  1. add exec,
  2. type empty function’s name,
  3. set time 4 seconds,
  4. compile.
    editor ignores timer.

Not sure what to say, this works:


Post a screenshot of how you do it.

how do you actually have it setup? provide picture if possible. what do you mean type empty function name?

from the sound of it you plugged something into the exit exe pin on the timer node but cant know for sure without seeing your script. timers basically just call events after a certain time. given that you would want to type the name of the event to be called in the function name section.

Use delegate one if you can, it a lot more reliable

“Set Timer by Delegate” :slight_smile: you can bind event to the timer using red square pin same as you do with other delegates

wut do you mean?

wut do you mean?

He is talking about Set Timer by Event

Not sure why my original suggestion does not work for you. It’s a fire & forget solution. Never had an issue with it…

bruh, now i just use ‘‘variable =delta seconds+variable’’