How to use time stamp for high resolution screenshot from blueprint execute console command?

Hi guys,
I am trying to name the image based on a variable ‘Export Image Name’ in my example, to prevent any overwriting of images that may already exist under the same name I thought of using time stamp bool. But it seems i am doing some thing wrong.

In the above image ‘String Time Stamp’ have the information of few variable of the HighResShot.
I have set the time stamp bool to true. But the exported image have 0 byte. Can anyone please point out what am i doing wrong.
Thank you every much!

Use a print node to see what’s wrong with the string.


This is the sting that is getting printed, the problem is that I am not sure what exactly those argument/parameter value does for the HighResShot does. To be honest, i dont know is this the right way.

But if i not use the String C (‘String Time Stamp’) to append into execute console command, it sets the image name to variable, but unable to use the time stamp that way. Will the time stamp even work.
It will be awesome if u show how it works.