How to use these Events

Hi, im a newbie, i don’t know how to use these Events ( place in Details). I don’t know the keyword to find it on Google.
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The unreal documentation on Events can be found here:

I can’t find what im looking for, these events i notice showing from a variable object reference, look like its different from the event in Blueprint itself , something like event dispatcher

I’m not sure what you mean? if you click the green button it will create an event node in your blueprint.
it will put between parentheses the object you are using. In your case: OnActorBeginOverlap(Target)


this is from Enemy BP, but when Player(target) die, it didn’t print anything.

I have 2 BP, 1 is Player, 1 is Enemy. In Enemy BP i want to use Event call on Destroyed (Player), i want Enemy will print string “Haha”. How can i do that? Sorry im so stupid for now.

You will have to bind the on destroyed event of your player to an event in your Enemy. (something like this, note: you will have to get a way to set the player before you bind it.)

Thank you, it worked already, but i can only bind new custom event, not the event from the green button. Can you explain what the event from green button does?

These will only work if the object you want the event from is a component of your actor. If not you will have to bind the event of another actor B to a custom event in your actor A.

An error when trying to bind it

i try this but not work :smiley: What the point if i can’t call that event from other BP

You should not use the node OnDestroyed(Target). You should call bind event to on destroyed in begin play.

Ya i know but if these event show on other BP, there must be a way to use it, still trying to figure out.

you could use it for example to your enemy to say “I’m diyng” when the enemy dies because it refers “on YOUR ENEMY destroyed” and now what you need is know when your player is destroyed, not your enemy.
You can check this kind of things with a print string.