How to use the UMG Widget 'Set Mouse Position' Blueprints Node?


Can someone please provide and example for using the UMG Widget Set Mouse Position Blueprints Node?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

+1 (or even +2!)

That’s for use with the low level slate events you can handle in a widget. Note the Reply input pin, any node with that type of pin is for that purpose. Just like Drag/Drop, these nodes must be used when responding to slate via any low level call that expects a handled/unhandled reply. Like Mouse Down. These nodes can’t be use at arbitrary points in time.

Hello NickDarnell, thank you for the prompt response. My interpretation of the above statement, is that this BP Node is not suitable for arbitrarily setting the mouse position. Which in my case, I would like to center the mouse cursor. I’ve exhausted myself searching for an answer in the documentation. I’m going in the wrong direction on this one. If another BP Node exists that can accomplish this, please advise. Thank you so much.

I’m right there with you TechLord, can’t find it anywhere. This seems like something that we need, how can we suggest it to Unreal?

Possibly try the Feedback Forum? I’ve also posted question in the AnswerHub.

Is there any other “set mouse position” node that we can use? I really need it atm, but I am unable to google anything but all the same questions from months ago.

Is it possible that such node is still not implemented?

If you get the free low entry extended library plugin from the marketplace, it comes with a simple executable set mouse position node.