How to use the Take Recorder from a blueprint?

Hi everyone!

I’m developing a system to record takes from inside the game by pressing somewhere on the keyboard.
I managed to do this, recording a camera actor that was being controlled in-game.
However, there are a few things I’m not being able to do:

  1. I believe I need to use the node “Open Take Recorder Panel” to be able to use the sources, level sequence and take meta data to use in the “Start Recording” node, so that is what I’m doing.
    However, when I click the key to start the record, the panel opens but it doesn’t start recording. If I press the key again, then it starts.
    I ended up figuring that the panel opening took longer than the blueprint to run so it couldn’t use it.
    To fix this, I put a “Delay” node of 1sec after opening the panel, and was then able to record with one single press.
    It is not a very pretty solution, so I was wondering if there is any way of knowing when the Take Recorder Panel is “ready to use”?

  2. I can open the Take Recorder Panel with the system above, but then I have to minimize it or hide it to be able to see the viewport. Is there any way to do this automatically?

  3. I recorded a camera and all it’s properties. Is there any way of recording only the specified parameters (like location, rotation and scale)?

  4. I’m able to record a live footage that I take with my camera, being projected in a plane inside my scene. Is there any way of recording only the footage that is being passed through the media player?

Sorry for the lot of questions, and thank you in advance for any help!