How to use the SpeedTree in Material to animate a tree with wind?

Hi, I want to animate a tree mesh imported from Blender as FBX. And when I use the SpeedTree below and connect it to the World Position Offset then the mesh doesn’t animate, there’s already a strong wind.

@**Ming Ning, **thank you very much to reply, I tested the SimpleGrassWind on my tree mesh, but it should not be strong with tree otherwise the leaves animates like cloth or water.

I’m very sad because I spent 3 months on a realistic city with trees, and I need realistic tree animation with wind, so I must delete all those trees without speed tree .st assets. And I will download SpeedTree and create new trees. I did it because I spent a lot of time on the project, and it must be perfect, imagine the opposite, spend a lot of time but not perfect result :frowning:

All those plants and flowers are already animated because they are from Nature Packs, but the trees doesn’t animate.

[USER=“3613672”]Ming Ning[/USER], Where is that Free Epic Sponsored Conent, Natural Pack Trees, I have never seen that?
Here is an offer, link where I downloaded the beautiful Nature Packs with wind (Tag = EARTH DAY):…DudSLLuonZnvN8
70% of them are perfect as you can see in my image, but they are only for Unreal Engine.

I give up on SpeedTree, so my trees don’t animate. Unreal Engine compiling time is very long, and I must re-create many trees, the existing Samples in SpeedTree are not better than in the image above.

Making trees move with a material is not in any way shape or form an animation.
You can’t keyframe them or control what they are doing.

to do that you would need to convert them all to skeletal meshes and have them play an animation.

Pretty easy to do, you just need to weight paint each branch to a bone and animate it.
You can then use a random per instance to start the animation at different times so that they don’t all seem to move equally at game start.

Obviously with too many skeletal meshes you start to have performance concerns/loss.