How to use the "Spawn Track" in the level sequencer? It's greyed out.


I want to use the spawn track in the sequencer, but it’s always greyed out? How do I activate/use it?

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that cube is already spawned, you can see the checkbox
I don’t think it will let you spawn it twice.
you’d have to delete the spawned layer maybe
and try to add it back

but that spawn track indicates that the cube you have in the sequencer is created in the scene by the sequencer itself, and not just in the level

If I delete the spawned layer, the “Spawn Track” option is no longer available. Well, apparently it has no function since I can add keyframes to the spawned layer when to spawn and when to destroy the object, what I would expect a “Spawn Track” to do.

The “Spawn Track” in the menu actually refers to the “Spawned” track that you already have for your cube, so that’s why it’s greyed out. You can’t add another spawn track.